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var phantombusterSdk = require("phantombuster-sdk")

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phantombuster-sdk v0.3.2

Phantombuster's SDK


Provides the phantombuster command to facilitate development of scripts for Phantombuster.

To install:

sudo npm install -g phantombuster-sdk (recommended)


npm install phantombuster-sdk

For now, the only feature provided is the uploading of scripts via Phantombuster's API.


The SDK works with phantombuster.cson. This file must be located alongside the scripts, in the same directory (or a parent directory).

This file is simple and self explanatory. The small example below is enough to understand everything:

    name: 'Excellent project 1' # Arbitrary name, only used for logs
    apiKey: 'xxxx' # Phantombuster API key (which identifies the account)
    # Mappings of Phantombuster script names to local script files (relative to the phantombuster.cson file)
        'scraping.js': 'project1/scraping.js'
        'export.js': 'project1/export.js'
    name: 'Cool project 2'
    apiKey: 'another xxxx'
        'some-casperjs-browsing.js': 'folder/script.js'


phantombuster [-c config.cson] [ []]

  • The most typical usage is to watch for file modification while coding. Simply execute phantombuster in a directory containing phantombuster.cson.
  • Specify a different file than phantombuster.cson: phantombuster -c config.cson
  • Upload a specific script to Phantombuster (without watching): phantombuster project/ (must be a value in one of the scripts objects in phantombuster.cson)
  • Update your whole project: phantombuster project/*.coffee

See the full documentation here:

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