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require("pimatic/package.json"); // pimatic is a peer dependency. var pimaticHongkongpollution = require("pimatic-hongkongpollution")

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pimatic-hongkongpollution v0.0.1

Pimatic plugin to get current pollution readings and forecasts from the Hong Kong Environmental Department.


Hong Kong Pollution Readings and Forecasts for Pimatic. This plugin uses the node.js module hongkong-pollution to grab the information.

Data is taken from the Hong Kong Environmental Departments Website and RSS feed. In Hong Kong, pollution is a big consideration as it is for many large cities. The reason for developing this module is so that you can have reminders to wear a pollution mask, stay indoors or combine it with other modules in Pimatic so you can automatically turn on the indoor Air Filter.

Plugin Configuration

You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include:

   "plugin": "hongkongpollution"

in the plugins Array.

Device Configuration

Devices can be added by adding them to the devices Array in the config file. Set the class property to PollutionForecastDevice or PollutionReadingsDevice

For device configuration options see the device-config-schema file.

Device examples

Pollution Forecast Device

This gives you a general forecast of the AQHI for the whole day, including a human friendly "Risk" as well as the aggregated AQHI reading.

  "id": "pollution-forecast",
  "name": "HK Pollution Forecast",
  "class": "PollutionForecastDevice",

The following optional settings are available. For more information see device-config-schema.

  "showRoadsideAQHI": true,
  "showGeneralAQHI": true,
  "showRoadsideRisk": true,
  "showGeneralRisk": true,
  "updateInterval": 3600,
  "language": "en"

Pollution Readings Device

This allows you to show all pollution readings for a specific area such as PM2.5,PM10,NO2,SO2,O3,CO.

The most important setting is which reporting station to use. Click here for more information about which reporting station to use for your district. The example below uses the "Sham Sha Po" monitoring station.

  "id": "pollution-readings",
  "name": "HK Pollution Readings",
  "class": "PollutionReadingsDevice",
  "reportingStation": "Sham Sha Po"

The following optional settings are available. For more information see device-config-schema.

  "updateInterval": 3600,
  "showNO2": true,
  "showCO": true,
  "showSO2": true,
  "showO3": true,
  "showPM2_5": true,
  "showPM10": true,
  "showAQHI": true

Air Quality information


  • Add Beach Water Quality
  • Add some pretty graphics to the front-end (how can I do this?)
  • Support rules so we can automate things using the readings from this module (need to do more research on how this works)
  • I would love to have some way to test using Mocha, right now this seems impossible.


Feel free to submit any pull requests or add functionality, I'm usually pretty responsive.

If you like the module, please consider donating some bitcoin or litecoin.





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