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var pleonasm = require("pleonasm")

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pleonasm v1.0.0

Create English phrases from hex numbers


Create English phrases from hex strings that are easier to recognize and remember

Javascript API


Register a function to be called when the when the dictionaries are loaded and pleonasm is ready to use.


Encode a hex string into an English phrase. Returns an object, with the key 'code' as the result:

{ translation: 'vulngf',
  codeWords: [ 'visualizing', 'free' ],
  code: 'visualizing free',
  spaced: 'v  u l   ng f   ' }

Can take wordDelimiter and groupDelimiter as additional arguments (see .format).

.encode('0167aa36cf832', '_', '/')
{ translation: 'ulvtnnmvcfwmk',
   [ 'rule',  'veterinarian',
     'move',  'care',
     'fewer', 'mark' ],
  code: 'rule_veterinarian_move/care_fewer_mark',
  spaced: ' ul  v t   n    n m v  c    f w   m  k' }

.decode('visualizing free')

Decode an English phrase to get a hex number.

{ hex: '601a9f',
  spaced: 'v  u l   ng f   ',
  translation: 'vulngf' }

.format(codeWords, wordDelimiter, groupDelimiter)

Format an array of code words into a string. Words are connected with wordDelimiter (usually ' '), phrases of three words each are connected with groupDelimiter (usually ', ')).

Javascript (Browser)

Files needed:

-- adj.txt
-- noun.txt
-- verb.txt
-- pleonasm.js
<script src="js/pleonasm.js"></script>
  pleonasm.onload(function() {
    var encoded = pleonasm.encode('ad3a507').code;


Install via npm:

npm install pleonasm

npm test pleonasm


var pleonasm = require('pleonasm');

pleonasm.onload(function() {
  var encoded = pleonasm.encode('ad3a507').code;


from pleonasm import Encoder, decode

enc = Encoder('../dictionaries')
encoded = enc.encode('601a9f')
print encoded # 'visualizing free'

decoded = decode('rule_veterinarian_move')
print decoded # '0167aa36'

Acknowledgements and other projects

The dictionaries are created from the 1-grams of the Google Ngram data.

The idea of the grammatical template stems from tripphrase.

humanhash creates hashes (compressed) from a 256-word dictionary.

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