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var ploceus = require("ploceus")

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ploceus v0.0.12


Ploceus (weaver birds) are named for their elaborately woven nests. --- Wikipedia

Ploceus is a static site generator that helps you focus on content writing 📖 and style 💄 changing in a easy & rapid way.


Install it first

npm install -g ploceus
# Or with yarn
yarn global add ploceus

To start build your website, you need to create a work space folder that contains content and theme. Check here for a simple example, it could also be your site template.

Check out project structure for detailed file organization. Then, start the development server and create you site!

ploceus dev

Finally, when you are going to build and deploy the site, use:

ploceus build -p
# -p stands for production

You should see your site been built in the dist folder.

Command Line Arguments

$ ploceus build -h

build a site.

  $ ploceus build [CONTENT] [THEME] [DIST]

  CONTENT  [default: ./content] content folder
  THEME    [default: ./theme] theme folder
  DIST     [default: ./dist] dist folder

  -h, --help        show CLI help
  -p, --production  enable production optimization during build.

  $ ploceus build
$ ploceus dev -h
watch file changes and rebuild. Also start a dev server.

  $ ploceus dev [CONTENT] [THEME] [DIST]

  CONTENT  [default: ./content] content folder
  THEME    [default: ./theme] theme folder
  DIST     [default: ./dist] dist folder

  -h, --help  show CLI help

  $ ploceus dev


You can use Ploceus as a normal npm package as well.

const { Ploceus } = require('ploceus')

const p = new Ploceus({
  contentPath: './content',
  themePath: './theme',
  distPath: './dist',
  production: false

// Watch will only not start a dev server like the command line behavior!
// If you need it, we recommend you use a 3rd package like the browser-sync


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