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require("postcss/package.json"); // postcss is a peer dependency. var postcssEasings = require("postcss-easings")

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postcss-easings v3.0.1

PostCSS plugin to replace easing names to cubic-bezier()

PostCSS Easings

PostCSS plugin to replace easing name from to cubic-bezier().

.snake {
  transition: all 600ms ease-in-sine;
.camel {
  transition: all 600ms easeInSine;
.snake {
  transition: all 600ms cubic-bezier(0.47, 0, 0.745, 0.715);
.camel {
  transition: all 600ms cubic-bezier(0.47, 0, 0.745, 0.715);

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Step 1: Install plugin:

npm install --save-dev postcss postcss-easings

Step 2: Check you project for existed PostCSS config: postcss.config.js in the project root, "postcss" section in package.json or postcss in bundle config.

If you do not use PostCSS, add it according to official docs and set this plugin in settings.

Step 3: Add the plugin to plugins list:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
+   require('postcss-easings'),

Also you can get all build-in easings:




Allow to set custom easings:

      easings: { easeJump: 'cubic-bezier(.86,0,.69,1.57)' }

Plugin will convert custom easing name between camelCase and snake-case. So example below adds easeJump and ease-jump easings.

Custom easing name must start from ease and contain only letters and -.

You can create custom easing on


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