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var pouchdbHoodieSync = require("pouchdb-hoodie-sync")

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pouchdb-hoodie-sync v2.1.1

Hoodie-like sync API for PouchDB


Hoodie-like sync API for PouchDB

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This PouchDB plugin provides simple methods to keep two databases in sync.


// Initialisation
var db = new PouchDB('dbname')
var api = db.hoodieSync({
  // remote can be
  // - local db name
  // - remote URL
  // - PouchDB instance
  // - a promise that resolves to one of the 3 above
  remote: '',
  // pass own EventEmitter instance if you want,
  // otherwise creates its own
  emitter: emitter

// starts / stops continuous replication

// resolve with pulled docs[]
api.pull([doc1, id2])

// resolve with pushed docs[]
api.push([doc1, id2])

// resolve with synced docs[]
api.sync([doc1, id2])

// events
api.on('pull', function(doc) {})
api.on('push', function(doc) {})
api.on('connect', function() {})
api.on('disconnect', function() {})

If you need to customise the request to the server, e.g. set custom header for authorisation, you can use PouchDB.defaults{ajax}:

var MyPouch = PouchDB.defaults({
  ajax: {
    headers: {
      authorization: 'Basic QWxhZGRpbjpPcGVuU2VzYW1l'

In the browser

<script src="pouchdb.js"></script>
<script src="pouchdb-hoodie-sync.js"></script>

In node.js

var PouchDB = require('pouchdb')
PouchDB.plugin( require('pouchdb-hoodie-sync') )


In Node.js

Run all tests and validates JavaScript Code Style using standard

npm test

To run only the tests

npm run test:node

Run tests from single file

node test/unit/connect-test.js


Have a look at the Hoodie project's contribution guidelines. If you want to hang out you can join #hoodie-pouch on our Hoodie Community Slack.


Apache 2.0

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