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var powercss = require("powercss")

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powercss v1.4.6

Unleash PowerCSS to create custom styling for every user of your web application. PowerCSS uses merging, caching, compression, and double-buffering to exceed the speed and flexibility of static CSS.

Extendo property feature plans


The __extendo_map_ property feature is planned which will extend style properties with an arbitrary number of keys and values in a named map.


Extendo maps should be very handy for quickly creating similar selectors.


Consider the following selector definition:

  _mixin_map_ : {
    _fred_map_ : {
      _background_ : '_xfff_',
      _margin_     : '_0_'
    _default_font_ : 'arial,sans'

  _style_list_ = [
    { _selector_str_ : '#pcss-_switch_',
      _rule_map_     : {
        _color_        : '_x888_',
        _font_         : '_default_font_',
        __extendo_map_ : '_fred_map_'

The resulting CSS should be:



The __extendo_map_ key (or more appropriate alternate) should be reserved and will need to be interpreted as such:

Search for the specified anywhere in the cascade, and if found add the
properties of that map to the closure. If a map value for the provided key
(_fred_map_ in this example) is not found ignore this directive.


This is currently WIP and is held in reserve. Prior implementation needs to be rethought.

Last updated

2017-07-05 mmikowski

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