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presidium-jsdoc lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("presidium-jsdoc/[??]")

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presidium-jsdoc v0.0.4

A Jsdoc template-based tool to import Jsdoc into your Presidium documentation.

Presidium Jsdoc

A template-based tool for importing Jsdoc into you Presidium documentation.

This tool uses the Jsdoc node module to parse and generate your documentation with a customized template based off of Jsdoc's default template. It produces html files, structures them appropriately and inserts them into your Presidium project.


In your project root:

$ npm install --save presidium-jsdoc



usage: presidium-jsdoc
-d,--directory pathThe path to the output directory in ./content e.g. ./content/_reference/mydocs. \n
-h,--helpShows this help.
-p,--path pathThe path from which static files are served e.g. ./media/import/mydocs. Defaults to ./media/jsdoc/<title>.
-s,--sourcepath pathThe path to the project's source.
-t,--title stringThe title of the output folder. Defaults to the directory name supplied with -d if no package information can be found.

In Presidum

$ npm run presidium-jsdoc -s <path> -d <path> -t <string> -p <path>

Known Issues:

  1. Does not yet support user supplied Jsdoc config.
  2. Links to pages are not yet resolved by this tool.
  3. Does not yet allow author tags to be added to the ingested documentation.


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