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var promisedRedis = require("promised-redis")

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promised-redis v0.10.0

Promise/RxJS wrapper for Node Redis Client

Promised Redis

Build Status

Promise and RxJS wrapper for Node Redis Client


npm install --save redis promised-redis

Featured Redis client functions

Everything. It's proxying the Redis client.

Basic usage

// Initiate a Redis connection
const redis = require('promised-redis');
// If no connection options are passed, connection will default to localhost
// or use REDIS_HOST, REDIS_PORT and REDIS_DB environment variables.
const database = redis({
  host: '',
  port: 6379,
  db: 0
// or if your options comes from a promise
const database = redis(some_promise_that_resolves_an_options_object);

// Execute some Redis commands
.then(value => {

Subscribing on channels with RxJS

const redis = require('promised-redis');
const pub = redis();
const sub = redis();

sub.on('subscribe', () => {
  pub.publish('some-channel', '1 message');
  pub.publish('some-other-channel', '2 message');
  pub.publish('some-channel', '3 message');

  .then(messages => {
    expect(messages[0]).to.equal('1 message');
    expect(messages[1]).to.equal('3 message');
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