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require("html-validate/package.json"); // html-validate is a peer dependency. require("protractor/package.json"); // protractor is a peer dependency. var protractorHtmlValidate = require("protractor-html-validate")

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protractor-html-validate v1.6.0

Protractor plugin for html-validate

Protractor html-validate plugin

Validates HTML using html-validate before, during and after tests. It automatically fetches the active source markup from the browser and validates, failing the test if any validation errors is encountered. Manual checks can be added as needed.

Note: currently only jasmine is supported.

  • Each browser.get(..) triggers a validation.
  • Each test triggers a validation after running (afterEach).
  • Manual validations via browser.htmlvalidate().


In protractor.conf.js:

    plugins: [
        /* load plugin */
        {package: 'protractor-html-validate'}

    onPrepare: () => {
        /* load jasmine helper */

In specs:

Each browser.get(..) and afterEach will trigger a validation.

To manually verify use expect(browser.htmlvalidate()).toBeValid(), e.g.:

it('should be valid', () => {
    myPage.clickButton(); /* shows something */
    myPage.clickAnotherButton(); /* hides something */


html-validate configuration can be passed in protractor.conf.js:

    plugins: [
        {package: 'protractor-html-validate', config: {
            plugins: [
            rules: {
                'foo': 'error',


If loading a page with invalid markup the test will automatically fail:

1) my test case
    html-validate: When loading page:
    error: Input element does not have a label (input-missing-label) at http:/
       8 |      <h1>Invalid template</h1>
       9 |
    > 10 |      <input type="text" id="attr-test" readonly="" required="" disabled="disabled" />
         |       ^^^^^
      11 |
      12 |
      13 | </body></html>

    1 error found.
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