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require("d3/package.json"); // d3 is a peer dependency. var protvistaVariation = require("protvista-variation")

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protvista-variation v2.6.1

Variation viewer for the ProtVista tool


Published on NPM

This custom element displays a matrix of amino-acid changes at a given position on the protein sequence. The advantage of a matrix-based approach is that even with a large number of variants (every single amino-acid change per location) the space taken by the visualisation on the screen doesn't change.



<protvista-variation length="270"></protvista-variation>

Setting the data through property

const track = document.querySelector('#my-track-id'); = myDataObject

Setting data through <data-loader>

<protvista-variation length="770">
          <source src="" />

API Reference


data: Object

      sequence: string,
      variants: [{
          accession: String,
          start: Number,
          end: Number,
          color?: String,
          tooltipContent?: String

height?: number (default 430)

The height of the visualisation (in px).

also see protvista-track

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