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require("angular/package.json"); // angular is a peer dependency. var psIf = require("ps-if")

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ps-if v1.3.0

Angular directive that is a hybrid of ngIf and ngShow


Angular directive that is a hybrid of ngIf and ngShow.

What this does

  • Starts off like ngIf
  • When condition changes it becomes an ngShow
  • If timeout is specified, becomes an ngIf again once condition has been false for long enough.


1. Depend on ps.if

// commonjs users:
angular.module('app', [require('ps-if')]);

// everyone else
angular.module('app', ['ps.if']);

2. Use psIf in places you'd use ngIf or ngShow

<div ps-if="show" ps-cool-down-millis="5000">


Angular expression controlling if children are shown or not.


Optional Angular expression (evaluated once). Once children have been hidden for this many milliseconds, directive acts like ngIf. If omitted, directive will act like ngShow forever.


  1. git clone
  2. cd ps-if/example
  3. bower install
  4. Open index.html in a browser


npm install ps-if --save


bower install ps-if --save



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