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var qPromiseUtils = require("q-promise-utils")

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q-promise-utils v1.1.0

Several promise helpers simplifying interaction with multiple async operations


Several utils for simpifying interaction with multiple async operations.


utils.sequence(funcs, [args])

Executes funcs in async manner one by one. Arguments:

  • funcs - functions to execute
  • args (optional) - arguments to pass to each function


var foo = function() {},
    bar = function() {};

utils.sequence([foo, bar], 'some-string', 100500)
    .then(function() {
        // first executed `foo('some-string', 100500)`,
        // then `bar('some-string', 100500)`,
        // then arrives to this code block

utils.seqMap(items, callback)

Serially applies callback to each item in items array in async manner


var items = ['foo', 'bar'],
    callback = function() {};

utils.seqMap(items, callback)
    .then(function() {
        //first runs `callback` with arg `foo`, then with arg `bar`, next arrives to this code block


Waits for all promises in array to be resolved or rejected. Unlike Q.allSettled, rejects when any of the promises is rejected. Unlike Q.all does not immediately rejects a promise on a first error and waits for other operations to complete.


var delay = q.delay(100),
    rejected = q.reject('whatever');

utils.waitForResults([rejected, delay])
    .fail(function(reason) {
        //arrives here after 100ms with reject reason `whatever`
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