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var quickserve = require("quickserve")

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quickserve v0.0.4

Utility to instantly serve static content from a given directory. Useful for quickly running local examples that use AJAX in Chrome.


node-quickserve is a super simple command line utility that allows you to init a static file server, powered by connect, in one command. It is not meant for any type of long running process, more for when you quickly need to serve a directory, and don't want to mess around with Apache, XAMPP, nginx, virtual hosts, etc.

It supports displaying both files and directories, because it uses connect's static and directory middlewares.


npm install quickserve -g

While you could install non-globally, it doesn't really make sense, as there is nothing to require().


quickserve [path=.] [port=1234]

Both path and port are optional, and default to the current working directory and port 1234, respectively.


$ cd ~/Projects/my-project
$ quickserve
serving /Users/drew/Projects/my-project at: http://localhost:1234

$ quickserve /var/www 9000
serving /var/www at: http://localhost:9000

Press CTRL + C to stop the server.


What about paperserve? I discovered this in the middle of making this script, and while it works, it doesn't use connect's nice-looking directory listing.


Plus, it's awesome to write a readme that is longer than the actual script.



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