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var rcDialog = require("rc-dialog")

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rc-dialog v8.0.0

dialog ui component for react


react dialog component

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var Dialog = require('rc-dialog');

  <Dialog title={title} onClose={callback1} visible>
      <p>first dialog</p>
), document.getElementById('t1'));

// use dialog



name type default description
prefixCls String rc-dialog The dialog dom node's prefixCls
className String additional className for dialog
wrapClassName String additional className for dialog wrap
style Object {} Root style for dialog element.Such as width, height
zIndex Number
bodyStyle Object {} body style for dialog body element.Such as height
maskStyle Object {} style for mask element.
visible Boolean false current dialog's visible status
animation String part of dialog animation css class name
maskAnimation String part of dialog's mask animation css class name
transitionName String dialog animation css class name
maskTransitionName String mask animation css class name
title String|React.Element Title of the dialog
footer React.Element footer of the dialog
closable Boolean true whether show close button
mask Boolean true whether show mask
maskClosable Boolean true whether click mask to close
keyboard Boolean true whether support press esc to close
mousePosition {x:number,y:number} set pageX and pageY of current mouse(it will cause transform origin to be set).
onClose function() called when click close button or mask
afterClose function() called when close animation end
getContainer function(): HTMLElement to determine where Dialog will be mounted
destroyOnClose Boolean false to unmount child compenents on onClose
closeIcon ReactNode specific the close icon.
forceRender Boolean false Create dialog dom node before dialog first show
focusTriggerAfterClose Boolean true focus trigger element when dialog closed


npm install
npm start



online example:

Test Case

npm test
npm run chrome-test


npm run coverage

open coverage/ dir


rc-dialog is released under the MIT license.

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