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react-algoliasearch-helper v1.2.1

React `<Provider helper>` and `connect()(WrappedComponent)` for algoliasearch-helper


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React <Provider> and connect(WrappedComponent) for algoliasearch-helper.

Its goal is to make building React applications with Algolia easier by allowing easy access to the algoliasearch-helper.

**Table of Contents**


npm install react-algoliasearch-helper --save



import React from 'react';
import {connect} from 'react-algoliasearch-helper';

export default connect()(
  ({helper}) =>
      placeholder="Search here"
      onChange={e => helper.setQuery(}


import React, {PropTypes} from 'react';
import {connect} from 'react-algoliasearch-helper';

const Results = ({results}) => {
  if (!results) return <div/>;
  return <div>{ => <div key={hit.objectID}>{hit.Name}</div>)}</div>;

Results.propTypes = {
  results: PropTypes.object

export default connect(
  state => ({results: state.searchResults})


import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import algoliasearch from 'algoliasearch';
import algoliasearchHelper from 'algoliasearch-helper';
import {Provider} from 'react-algoliasearch-helper';
import SearchBox from './components/SearchBox.js';
import Hits from './components/Hits.js';

const client = algoliasearch('latency', 'ffc36feb6e9df06e1c3c4549b5af2b31');
const helper = algoliasearchHelper(client, 'starbucks');

const App = () =>
  <Provider helper={helper}>

ReactDOM.render(<App/>, document.querySelector('#root'));


<Provider helper>

Makes the Algolia Search helper available to the connect() calls in the component hierarchy below. You can’t use connect() without wrapping your root component in .



  <Provider helper={helper}>
    <MyRootComponent />


Connects a React component to the helper.


  • [mapStateToProps(state, ownProps): stateProps] (function): if specified, the component will subscribe to helper events (change, search, result, error). Allowing you to compute props for your wrapper component based on the search state.

Search state shape

Every function passed to mapStateToProps argument of connect will be given an search state object with those properties:

  • searching (boolean): true when a search request is pending, false otherwise
  • searchParameters (object): helper's SearchParameters
  • searchResults (object): helper's SearchResults
  • searchResultsSearchParameters (object): SearchParameters that yielded the current SearchResults
  • searchError (Error): When the search fails


  • It needs to be invoked two times. The first time with its arguments described above, and a second time, with the component: connect([mapStateToProps])(WrappedComponent).
  • It does not modify the passed React component. It returns a new, connected component, that you should use instead.
  • Most probably, you will use connect as in export default connect()(WrappedComponent).


Forward helper to the RefinementList component:

export default connect()(RefinementList)

Receive results in the Hits component:

export default connect(
  state =>
      results: state.searchResults
)(Hits) // Hits component will receive a `results` property everytime new results are available


Tests are written with Jest.

npm test
npm run test:watch
npm run lint


npm start


npm run release
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