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require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. require("react-native/package.json"); // react-native is a peer dependency. require("react-navigation/package.json"); // react-navigation is a peer dependency. var reactNavigationCollapsible = require("react-navigation-collapsible")

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react-navigation-collapsible v3.0.3

React Navigation Extension for Collapsible Header


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React Navigation Extension for Collapsible Header. Make your header of react-navigation collapsible.

Try Expo Snack

Try Example.

$ cd example
$ npm install
$ react-native run-ios
$ react-native run-android


react-navigation v2

If you're using react-navigation v2, please use react-navigation-collapsible@2.0.0 and 2.0.0 README.


If you use Expo, add this lines to your App.js. (It only affects Android)

/* Support Expo */
import { setExpoStatusBarHeight } from 'react-navigation-collapsible';
import { Constants } from 'expo';

Default Header


import { withCollapsible } from 'react-navigation-collapsible';
const AnimatedFlatList = Animated.createAnimatedComponent(FlatList);

class MyScreen extends Component{
  static navigationOptions = {
    title: 'My Screen'

    const { paddingHeight, animatedY, onScroll } = this.props.collapsible;

    return (
        contentContainerStyle={{paddingTop: paddingHeight}}
        scrollIndicatorInsets={{top: paddingHeight}}

        // if you want to use 'onScroll' callback.
        // onScroll={Animated.event(
        //   [{nativeEvent: {contentOffset: {y: animatedY}}}],
        //   {useNativeDriver:true, listener:this.onScroll})} 

export default withCollapsible(MyScreen, {iOSCollapsedColor: '#031'});

See example/src/S0_DefaultHeader.js

Extra Header (Search Bar)

See example/src/S1_ExtraHeader.js

Default Header With Tab

See example/src/S2_DefaultHeaderForTab.js and example/src/TabChild1Screen.js

Extra Header With Tab (e.g Facebook Group)

See example/src/S3_ExtraHeaderForTab.js and example/src/TabChild1Screen.js


HoC and config method

type CollapsibleParams = {
  iOSCollapsedColor: string, // iOS only
} | {
  collapsibleComponent: React.Component,
  collapsibleBackgroundStyle: {
  } & {
    disableFadeoutInnerComponent?: boolean,
    paddingBottom?: number,

function withCollapsible (WrappedScreen, collapsibleParams: CollapsibleParams = {})
function withCollapsibleForTab (MaterialTapNavigator, collapsibleParams: CollapsibleParams = {})
function withCollapsibleForTabChild (WrappedScreen)

function setExpoStatusBarHeight (height) // expo only
function setSafeBounceHeight (height)

Given props

render () {
  const {
    translateY, // 0 ~ collapsibleHeaderHeight
    translateOpacity, // 1.0 ~ 0.0
    translateProgress, // 0.0 ~ 1.0
  } = this.props.collapsible;



When scroll slowly, the layout is flickering on Android.

This is react-native's regression bug on Android. Here is a workaround. facebook/react-native#15445 (comment)

With State persistence #40

react-navigation provides State persistence as experimental feature. Unfortunately, collapsible header stops collapsible when you use it.

With SectionList #37


  • [ ] iOS 11 Style Header
  • [ ] Hiding bottom tab


  • PR is welcome. Please create issue or PR with a sample react-navigation code or Expo Snack.
  • If you've got good example using this module, please update /example.

Dependencies Version of Example

  • react-native: 0.57.8, latest: npm
  • react-navigation: 3.0.9, latest: npm

I've ensured this module is compatible with react-native >=0.56 and react-navigation >=2.11.2. But it does not mean it's not compatible with older versions.

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