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var reactPureGrid = require("react-pure-grid")

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react-pure-grid v2.1.1

A highly customizable set of React components that mirror bootstrap responsive grid system, AND not dependent on any css file


React-Pure-Grid is a set of React components that mirror Bootstrap grid system. This library harmoniously integrates with your React project and it's easily customizable and very flexible.

React-Pure-Grid is NOT dependent on any external css files.


React-Pure-Grid is available as an npm package.

npm install react-pure-grid --save


Using React-Pure-Grid is very straightforward. Once react-pure-grid is included in your project, you can use the components this way:

import {Container, Row, Col} from 'react-pure-grid';

const App = () => (
          <Col xs={6} md={4} lg={3}>Hello, world!</Col>
            <Col xsOffset={5} xs={7}>Welcome!</Col>

##Customization Beginning with v2.0.0, Styling the grid system to your liking is simple and hassle-free. This can be achieved by using the PureGridProvider to inject the customizations into your application context. Following that, you can to use any of the components as demonstrated in the documentation.

The following are the possible customizations:

###props gutterSize number [default = 15] The gutter size to separate cols

maxWidth number [default = 1170] Maximum container width

replaceBreakPoints boolean [default = false] This determines whether to merge or replace the provided breakPoints with the default breakPoints. We highly recommend you leave this untouched

breakPoints object Each entry is an object containing two keys:

    browser     : number, /* The browser width */
    container   : number, /* The width to apply to a container within this breakpoint */
// Default breakPoints
   lg: {
      browser: 1200,
      container: 1170
  md: {
      browser: 992,
      container: 870
  sm: {
      browser: 768,
      container: 750
  xs: {
      browser: 0,
      container: 'auto'

Here is a quick example to get you started:


import React from 'react';
import {render} from 'react-dom';
import {PureGridProvider} from 'react-pure-grid';
import MyAwesomeReactComponent from './MyAwesomeReactComponent';

const App = () => (
  <PureGridProvider gutterSize={4}>
    <MyAwesomeReactComponent />

render(<App />, document.getElementById('app'));


import React from 'react';
import {Container, Row, Col} from 'react-pure-grid';

const MyAwesomeReactComponent = () => (
        <Col xs={12} md={6}>
            My Col Data

export default MyAwesomeReactComponent;


1. Container

fluid boolean [default = true] Fluid or Fixed-Width layout

2. Row

reverse boolean [default = false] Set to true to output Cols in reverse order

align string [default = start] Accepts one of start|center|end. Vertical alignment of Cols with varying heights

justify string [default = start] Accepts one of start|center|end. Horizontal alignment of Cols when they don't occupy full width

3. Col

* number Number of columns [1-12] to use as Col width

*Offset number Number of columns [1-12] to offset

Note: * is a key in breakPoints object
Example: <Col md={4} xsOffset={2}>Col Content</Col>

Browser Support

Supported in all major browsers


If you have a feature request, please add it as an issue or make a pull request.



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