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require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. var reactSocial = require("react-social")

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react-social v1.10.0

React social buttons and counts for Facebook, Pinterest, Google etc ...


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Simple React components for social (Facebook, Google, VKontakte, Pinterest ...) buttons and counts.


npm install react-social --save


import { FacebookButton, FacebookCount } from "react-social";

class App extends Component {
  render {
    let url = "";

    return (
      <FacebookButton url={url} appId={appId}>
        <FacebookCount url={url} />
        {" Share " + url}

Count API

WARNING: GooglePlusCount, TwitterCount and PocketCount uses the donreach API which has a limit of 1000 request per day, if you have an alternative please do not hesitate to make a PR

  • FacebookCount
  • TwitterCount
  • GooglePlusCount
  • PinterestCount
  • LinkedInCount
  • RedditCount
  • VKontakteCount
  • TumblrCount
  • PocketCount



Change the element the component renders into, default is span.


The url you want to get the count of, default is window.location.

  • FacebookButton

Optional access token.


Callback for when the count is updated. Callback takes one argument count.



Return the social count.

Button API

  • FacebookButton
  • TwitterButton
  • GooglePlusButton
  • PinterestButton
  • LinkedInButton
  • RedditButton
  • VKontakteButton
  • EmailButton
  • XingButton
  • TumblrButton
  • PocketButton
  • OdnoklassnikiButton
  • MyMailRuButton



Change the element the component renders into, default is button.


The url you want to share, default is window.location.


The target you want to open, default is _blank.


Pass options to

  • TwitterButton
  • FacebookButton
  • XingButton
  • TumblrButton
  • PocketButton
  • VKButton
  • PinterestButton (required)
  • OdnoklassnikiButton (required)
  • MyMailRuButton (required)

A message that's prepended before the url.

  • VKButton
  • RedditButton
  • LinkedInButton
  • OdnoklassnikiButton (required)
  • MyMailRuButton (required)

Title of your shared content.

  • PinterestButton (required)
  • FacebookButton (optional)
  • OdnoklassnikiButton (required)
  • MyMailRuButton (required)

Url of an image.

  • FacebookButton (required)

Facebook app id.

  • FacebookButton

Facebook has 2 different share dialogs. By default we're showing Feed Dialog which has more options, but supports only sharing to user's feed. You can set sharer option to true and we'll show Share Dialog where user can choose between their feed and also pages they have access to.


There are no styles included, the components pass all their props down to their element like className and style so you can easily style them yourself.


  • When rendered server side counts will be 0 since they depend on JSONP.
  • GooglePlusCount, TwitterCount and PocketCount uses the donreach API which has a limit of 1000 requests per day.


  • Ola Holmström (@olahol)
  • Alexandr Sugak (@AlexSugak)
  • Jon Principe (@jprincipe)
  • Jean-Baptiste Quenot (@jbq)
  • Kurt Weiberth (@kweiberth)
  • Bartek Gruszka (@bartekgruszka)
  • Josh Owens (@queso)
  • Maxime Mezrahi (@maxs15)
  • Arvin Tehrani (@arvinkx)
  • Dennis Stücken (@dstuecken)
  • Jonas (@jonashaefele)
  • River Kanies (@riverKanies)
  • Pavel Linkesch (@orthes)
  • Vincent (@vkammerer)
  • Alexey Balmasov (@balmasich)
  • Amitom (@Amitom)
  • Ryan Nevius (@rnevius)
  • David Lakata (@dlakata)
  • Roman Kosovichev (@roma-so)
  • Igor Pnev (@exdeniz)
  • Belevskij Sergeij (@r72cccp)

MIT Licensed

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