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require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. var reactUseintersection = require("react-useintersection")

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react-useintersection v2.0.1

Custom React Hook for initializing IntersectionObserver on any node ref



react-useintersection is a custom React Hook that allows for initializing IntersectionObserver on any node ref. With the IntersectionanchorObserver returned from the hook, components can be styled on the fly or related JavaScript behavior can be triggered.

Be aware of the browser compatiblity of IntersectionObserver, namely that IE11 does not support it. If necessary, consider using the intersection-observer package for a polyfill.


npm i 'react-useintersection'


Here's an example of how you can use IntersectionObserver to track when the user has scrolled from the top of the page, but this is just a simple example of how powerful IntersectionObserver is. Visit the MDN docs for ideas, including lazy loading of images, infinite scrolling, and others.

This specific example is how the author of this package achieves a menu bar that is transparent while at the top of the page and transitions to opaque when the user scrolls down. Check out the source of xer site to get the full context including CSS.

import React, { useEffect, useRef } from 'react'
import useIntersection from 'react-useintersection'

import MenuBar from './MenuBar'

const Layout = ({ children }) => {
  const anchor = useRef(null)
  const [setNode, anchorObserver] = useIntersection()

  useEffect(() => {

  return (
      <div id="top-of-page-anchor" ref={anchor} />
      <MenuBar isAtTop={anchorObserver.isIntersecting} />

Astute readers may be concerned about memory leaks; efforts have been made to nip potential leaks in the bud, namely by using [node, options.root, options.rootMargin, options.threshold] as the second argument within the useEffect of useIntersection.


Implementation based on code samples by Justin Travis Waith-Mair from his Medium article and used with permission. All original code is released under the Blue Oak Model License, a copyleft written with the intent to be a more legally defensible version of the MIT license.


Contributions are welcome in the form of reporting issues and submitting pull requests. Contributors agree to follow the Code of Conduct outlined in


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