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var reactValidatorPropTypes = require("react-validator-prop-types")

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react-validator-prop-types v1.1.0


React PropType wrappers around validator.js functions.

What problem does this solve

Great validation libraries already exist, but the default set of React PropTypes is pretty sparse by comparison. This just wraps the popular validator.js library into prop types that support the isRequired convention.


var ValidatorPropTypes = require('react-validator-prop-types');
  propTypes: {
    background: ValidatorPropTypes.hexColor,
    username: ValidatorPropTypes.lowercase.isRequired,

The following prop types are available:

  • email
  • url
  • fqdn
  • ip
  • alpha
  • numeric
  • alphanumeric
  • base64
  • hexadecimal
  • hexColor
  • lowercase
  • uppercase
  • int
  • float
  • uuid
  • date
  • creditCard
  • json
  • multibyte
  • ascii
  • fullWidth
  • halfWidth
  • variableWidth
  • surrogatePair
  • mongoId
  • currency

Missing functions ?

There's no easy way to wrap validator functions that take multiple, or optional arguments. This is why functions like isMobilePhone aren't supported (because of the locale argument). Suggestions for an api for those are encouraged.


Thanks to Chris O'Hara for validator.js.

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