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var related = require("related")

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related v2.16.0

Unopinionated ORM for relational databases

Related ORM

ORM for relational databases.

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On the fly builds an extensive API representing your database and its tables including their relations and columns. No need to write javascript models.


  • Supports Postgres & MySQL
  • Simple loading and filtering of nested entities
  • Advanced query builder that rocks
  • Transactions
  • Table locks
  • Bulk operations
  • User extendable models (optional)
  • Connection pooling
  • Extensions for soft-deletes, nested sets, multilingual content, geo distance computation and reference counting
  • Complex DB Cluster support (includes read replicas and failover on AWS RDS)
  • No conventions for column names etc.
  • Commercial support avialable
  • And much more
var Related = require('related');

// The ORM looks at your database and builds on the fly models. 
// You can start working on your database immediatelly. 
new Related({
      schema        : 'mySchemaName' // optional
    , database      : 'myDatabaseName'
    , type          : 'postgres'     // or mysql
    , hosts: [{
          host      : 'localhost'
        , username  : 'postgres'
        , password  : ''
        , maxConnections: 20
        , pools     : ['master', 'read', 'write']
}).load().then(function(orm) {

    // get 10 events, their images, their tags, their categories, their venues,
    // the venues images, the venues types. the 'get' prefix change sscope to the other model
    // the 'fetch' prefix doenst change the scope and you can continue working on the current
    // model
    orm.event({id:}, ['*'])
        .find().then(function(events) {

    }).catch(function(err) {

        log('something went wrong :(');


We are currently working on an extensive documentation and a website. Until those are online please look at the tests


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