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var remarkHeadingGap = require("remark-heading-gap")

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remark-heading-gap v3.1.0

Adjust the gap between headings.


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heading-gap support, without needing spaces, for remark.



npm install remark-heading-gap


Say we have a markdown file,, that looks as follows:

# remark-heading-gap

## Example

## API

### `remark.use(headingGap[, options])`

## Contributing

And our script, example.js, contains:

const fs = require('fs')
const remark = require('remark')
const gap = require('remark-heading-gap')

const result = remark()


Now, running node example yields:

# remark-heading-gap

## Example

## API

### `remark.use(headingGap[, options])`

## Contributing


remark.use(headingGap[, options])

remark-heading-gap ensures that automatically generated Markdown follows your own rules for newlines in between section headings. From personal experience, adding extra newlines helps to visualise breaks in sections, especially when quickly scanning documentation.

options.{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

Pass a gap (Object, default: {before: '\n', after: ''} for options.2, {before: '', after: ''} for all others) Customise the gap that appears for up to 6 levels of heading; for example, pass {1: {before: '\n', after: '\n'}} to double the gap for the first heading. Note that both before and after accept a custom string so you can specify \r\n instead if you choose; or add other presentational markers.


See in remarkjs/remark for ways to get started.

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