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var requirejsToWebpackCli = require("requirejs-to-webpack-cli")

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requirejs-to-webpack-cli v1.0.0

Translates RequireJS build configs to their webpack counterpart.


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CLI utility for converting RequireJS configuration JSON to a webpack configuration module.


Yarn is recommended for installation:

$ yarn global add requirejs-to-webpack-cli

But you can still use npm:

$ npm install -g requirejs-to-webpack-cli


# Default output is ./webpack.config.js
$ requirejs-to-webpack-cli <input> [output]

# Aliases
$ requirejs-to-webpack <input> [output]
$ r2w <input> [output]

# Example:
$ r2w build.config


Lots of thanks to Jamund Ferguson for his write up on how to convert to webpack from RequireJS. This tool aims to automate many of the steps outlined in that guide.


There is definitely much more that can be done to automate the configuration conversion. If you have any experience in RequireJS and webpack, please feel free to make a pull request!


Copyright (c) 2016 Alexander Martin


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