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var responsePoweredBy = require("response-powered-by")

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response-powered-by v1.0.4

Middleware to set the X-Powered-By header returned by Express


Middleware to set or remove the X-Powered-By header returned by Express

This middleware sets or removes the X-Powered-By header on HTTP responses served by Express framework.

X-Powered-By key header specifies the technology supporting a web application. This header is used to gather metrics about the web.


If you want use response-powered-by you have to install it. There are two methods for that: In your package.json add the following item:

"response-powered-by": "version"

then digit

npm install


"response-powered-by": "*" for the latest version
"response-powered-by": "1.0.0" for the version 1.0.0


launch this command:

npm install response-powered-by --save


var responsePoweredBy = require('response-powered-by');

//Import some other required modules
var express = require('express');
var app = express();
//Some other configuration for the express app

app.use(responsePoweredBy("Your cutom string for X-Powered-By header"));

This middleware sets the X-Powered-By header to a value passed in input, but if that value is not a string or it's undefined or null this header will be removed from the response.


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