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var resxToTypescript = require("resx-to-typescript")

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resx-to-typescript v1.0.15

Converts resx files to TypeScript models


Source code for node module: resx-to-typescript

Node module for generating TypeScript (models) files based on resx files.

To use this node module at a reference to your project package.json dependencies.

{ "dependencies": { "resx-to-typescript": "1.0.15" } }

The script requires one parameter, the virtual path to the TypeScript file you want to add.

So, to use the module in for instance a gulp task:

var resxToTypeScript = require('resx-to-typescript');

resxToTypeScript.execute('exampleApp.resources', '/Resources', '/App/Resources');

where the parameters stand for:

'exampleApp.resources' -> TypeScript namespace for the resource models. '/Resources' -> Relative folder to scan for .resx files. '/App/Resources' -> Output directory for TypeScript files

Voilá, the TypeScript models for your resx files are added to your project and ready to use in typescript development/mvc bundling.


2017-25-01 Removed runtime node deprecation warning. (v 1.0.15) 2016-08-19 Refactored code and added support for multi line resources. (v 1.0.12)

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