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var revealCodeFocus = require("reveal-code-focus")

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reveal-code-focus v1.1.0

A Reveal.js plugin that allows focusing on specific lines of code blocks.


A Reveal.js plugin that allows focusing on specific lines of code blocks.

View the live demo.


Using npm:

$ npm install --save reveal-code-focus


reveal-code-focus must first be loaded along with highlight.js (used for code highlighting).

  // Include other options…
  dependencies: [
    // Include other dependencies…
    // Load highlight.js
    { src: 'path/to/highlight.pack.js' },
      src: 'node_modules/reveal-code-focus/reveal-code-focus.js',
      async: true,
      callback: function() {

Note: the highlight.js file mentioned is not the Reveal.js plugin, but the actual highlight.js library.

How it works

reveal-code-focus breaks down code blocks into individual lines. Fragments with the attribute data-code-focus are then associated with the lines of code to focus on. When these fragments are displayed, reveal-code-focus will focus on the respective lines of code.

Each line of code is wrapped in a <span> element with a class of "line". When lines are focused on, they will also have the "focus" class. The .line.focus selector can thus be used for custom styling to highlight particular lines.


  // Useless comment.
  <p class="fragment" data-code-focus="1">
    When this fragment is shown, the first line of code (`span.line`) will have the `"focus"` class added to it.
  <p class="fragment" data-code-focus="1-2">
    Another fragment. This time, both lines will now have the `"focus"` class.


The most important style is to ensure that .line is set to display: block, so that lines will be rendered as block elements. You can then customize your CSS to set a different background or text colour when lines are focused on.

.line { display: block; }
.line.focus { background: yellow; }

You can also use a specific theme by default then switch to a different one when lines are focused on.

/* use a specific highlight.js theme by default */
/* eg. solarized dark */
/* … */

.line { display: block; }
/* on focused: switch to solarized light */
.line.focus { background: #fdf6e3; color: #657b83; }
.line.focus .hljs-comment, .line.focus .hljs-quote { color: #93a1a1; }
/* … */


reveal-code-focus can be configured by passing in an options object.

// Configure `reveal-code-focus`.
  // options


scrollToFocused automatically scrolls the <code> elements such that the lines of code to be focused on is centered. This is enabled by default.

  scrollToFocused: false // default: true

Multiple code blocks

For slides with multiple code blocks, the data-code-block attribute can be used to focus on lines from a particular code block. By default, all fragments will focus on the first code block, unless otherwise specified.

<span class="fragment"


The data-trim attribute can be used to indicate that code blocks should have whitespace trimmed from their front and back.

<pre><code data-trim>

.line { display: block; }
.line.focus { background: yellow; }



View the live demo.

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