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require("expo/package.json"); // expo is a peer dependency. require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. require("react-native/package.json"); // react-native is a peer dependency. require("react-native-svg/package.json"); // react-native-svg is a peer dependency. var rnDraw = require("rn-draw")

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rn-draw v0.0.6

Drawing library for react-native using svg.

React Native Draw

React native draw tool using react-native-svg.



First install react-native-svg and follow the directions to properly set it up:

Install rn-draw with npm install -S rn-draw or yarn add rn-draw

Expo Applications

Make sure you follow the proper guidelines on to set up your react native application with expo sdk.

Install rn-draw with npm install -S rn-draw or yarn add rn-draw


expo version <= 21 or react native <= 48 w/ react 16 alpha 12 --- rn-draw@0.0.4

expo version = 22 or react native = 49 w/ react 16 beta 5 --- >= rn-draw@0.0.5

How to use

import RNDraw from 'rn-draw'
  containerStyle={{backgroundColor: 'rgba(0,0,0,0.01)'}}
  rewind={(undo) => {this._undo = undo}
  clear={(clear) => {this._clear = clear}


containerStyle [Object] - style for the container of the draw component.

color [String] - string representation of pen color (defaults to '#000000')

strokeWidth [Number] - width of pen strokes (defaults to 4)

rewind [Func] - a function for passing the draw component's undo functionality

clear [Func] - a function for passing the draw component's clear functionality

Work in progress

Smoothing out pen strokes (curves)

Image backgrounds

Optimizations in pointer


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