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var rollodeqcGhSearchUsersAll = require("rollodeqc-gh-search-users-all")

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rollodeqc-gh-search-users-all v1.0.3

RoLLodeQc module to search all GitHub users while respecting rate limits.


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RoLLodeQc module to search all GitHub users while respecting rate limits.


$ npm install --save rollodeqc-gh-search-users-all

New since version 0.5.0

The cli now uses update-notifier to let the user know about updates to this program.

Users have the ability to opt-out of the update notifier by changing the optOut property to true in ~/.config/configstore/update-notifier-rollodeqc-gh-search-users-all.json. The path is available in notifier.config.path.

Users can also opt-out by setting the environment variable NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIER with any value or by using the --no-update-notifier flag on a per run basis.


const rollodeqcGhSearchUsersAll = require('rollodeqc-gh-search-users-all');

//=> 'unicorns & rainbows'



Search all GitHub users while respecting rate limits. Returns a promise.


Type: string|object

string values can represent a search query or a complete GitHub API URL (beginning with http:// or https://). Otherwise see the tests and source code if query is an object.


  • gh-user
  • lodash.sorteduniqby
  • rollodeqc-gh-bookworm
  • rollodeqc-gh-search-users


AGPL-v3 © Robin Millette


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