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var rollodeqcGhUserStreak = require("rollodeqc-gh-user-streak")

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rollodeqc-gh-user-streak v4.0.1

Fetch github user commit streak.


Build Status Coverage Status

Fetch github user contribution streak.

Since Github changed the users profiles to put more emphasis on the present and less on history, they removed the popular contribution streak count. This little script brings it back.

Known limitations

We're only looking at the last 365 days. If you've been streaking for more than a year, congratulation! But you won't see the result here, sorry.

New since version 0.2.0

The cli now uses update-notifier to let the user know about updates to this program.

Users have the ability to opt-out of the update notifier by changing the optOut property to true in ~/.config/configstore/update-notifier-rollodeqc-gh-user-streak.json. The path is available in notifier.config.path.

Users can also opt-out by setting the environment variable NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIER with any value or by using the --no-update-notifier flag on a per run basis.


$ npm install --save rollodeqc-gh-user-streak


const rollodeqcGhUserStreak = require('rollodeqc-gh-user-streak')

//=> 'unicorns & rainbows'


rollodeqcGhUserStreak(input, [options])


Type: string

Lorem ipsum.


$ npm install --global rollodeqc-gh-user-streak
$ rollodeqc-gh-user-streak --help

    rollodeqc-gh-user-streak [input]

    --details   -d    Output last year's contributions count per day. [Default: false]

    --pretty    -p    Pretty output

    $ rollodeqc-gh-user-streak
    unicorns & rainbows
    $ rollodeqc-gh-user-streak ponies
    ponies & rainbows
    $ rollodeqc-gh-user-streak bob --details
    ... detailed stats for bob


AGPL-v3 2016-2018 © Robin Millette


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