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require("rollup/package.json"); // rollup is a peer dependency. var rollupPluginUglify = require("rollup-plugin-uglify")

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rollup-plugin-uglify v6.0.4

Rollup plugin to minify generated bundle

rollup-plugin-uglify Travis Build Status

Rollup plugin to minify generated bundle. Uses UglifyJS under the hood. There are a few improvements over native uglify:

  • uglify is run in worker for every chunk
  • errors are displayed with babel code frame

Note: uglify-js is able to transpile only es5 syntax. If you want to transpile es6+ syntax use terser instead


yarn add rollup-plugin-uglify --dev

Note: this package requires rollup@0.66 and higher


import { rollup } from "rollup";
import { uglify } from "rollup-plugin-uglify";

  input: "main.js",
  plugins: [uglify()]



options - uglifyJS API options

options.sourcemap: boolean

Generates source maps and passes them to rollup. Defaults to true.

options.numWorkers: number

Amount of workers to spawn. Defaults to the number of CPUs minus 1.



If you'd like to preserve comments (for licensing for example), then you can specify a function to do this like so:

  output: {
    comments: function(node, comment) {
      if (comment.type === "comment2") {
        // multiline comment
        return /@preserve|@license|@cc_on/i.test(comment.value);
      return false;

Alternatively, you can also choose to keep all comments (e.g. if a licensing header has already been prepended by a previous rollup plugin):

  output: {
    comments: "all"

See UglifyJS documentation for further reference.


MIT © Bogdan Chadkin


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