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rrdiagram-js v1.0.7

Generate railroad diagrams from code or BNF, generate BNF from code


Generate railroad diagrams from code or BNF. Generate BNF from code.

RR Diagram is a Javascript library that generates railroad diagrams (also called syntax diagrams) from code or from BNF notation. The output format is a very compact SVG image where rules can contain links.

RR Diagram can also be used to generate BNF notation from a model.

This is a Javascript port of the Java-based version. This version adds the capability of converting BNF present in an HTML page as well as relying on CSS styles from the page to style the SVG content.


This is the kind of diagrams that can get generated: H2 Select

The above is generated using the right conversion options on this BNF:

'SELECT' [ 'TOP' term ] [ 'DISTINCT' | 'ALL' ] selectExpression {',' selectExpression} \
'FROM' tableExpression {',' tableExpression} [ 'WHERE' expression ] \
[ 'GROUP BY' expression {',' expression} ] [ 'HAVING' expression ] \
[ ( 'UNION' [ 'ALL' ] | 'MINUS' | 'EXCEPT' | 'INTERSECT' ) select ] [ 'ORDER BY' order {',' order} ] \
[ 'LIMIT' expression [ 'OFFSET' expression ] [ 'SAMPLE_SIZE' rowCountInt ] ] \


To convert BNF text to a nice diagram, place the text in a pre tag and give it a class like BNF. Then include rrdiagram.js in your webpage. At the end of your page, add the following script to replace all those pre tags using the BNF class with a div that uses the BNFSVG class:

var bnfDisplay = new rrdiagram.bnfdisplay.BNFDisplay();
bnfDisplay.replaceBNF('BNF', 'BNFSVG');

Styles used by the produced diagrams must be defined in the page. Here is an example of those definitions:

.rrConnector {fill:none;stroke:#222222;}
.rrRule {fill:#d3f0ff;stroke:#222222;}
.rrRuleText {fill:#000000;font-family:Verdana,Sans-serif;font-size:12px;}
.rrLiteral {fill:#90d9ff;stroke:#222222;}
.rrLiteralText {fill:#000000;font-family:Verdana,Sans-serif;font-size:12px;}
.rrSpecialSequence {fill:#e4f4ff;stroke:#222222;}
.rrSpecialSequenceText {fill:#000000;font-family:Verdana,Sans-serif;font-size:12px;}
.rrLoopCardinalities {fill:#000000;font-family:Verdana,Sans-serif;font-size:10px;}

The whole API is available too.

The diagram model represents the actual constructs visible on the diagram. To convert a diagram model to SVG:

var rrDiagram = new rrdiagram.ui.RRDiagram(rrElement);
var rrDiagramToSVG = new rrdiagram.ui.RRDiagramToSVG();
var svg = rrDiagramToSVG.convert(rrDiagram);

The grammar model represents a BNF-like grammar. It can be converted to a diagram model:

var grammar = new rrdiagram.model.Grammar(rules);
var grammarToRRDiagram = new rrdiagram.model.GrammarToRRDiagram();
var rules = grammar.getRules();
for(var i=0; i<rules.length; i++) {
  var rrDiagram = grammarToRRDiagram.convert(rules[i]);
  // Do something with diagram, like get the SVG.

The grammar model can be created from code, or can read BNF syntax:

var bnfToGrammar = new rrdiagram.model.BNFToGrammar();
var grammar = bnfToGrammar.convert(reader);
// Do something with grammar, like get the diagram for SVG output.

The grammar model can also be saved to BNF syntax:

var grammarToBNF = new rrdiagram.model.GrammarToBNF();
// Set options on the grammarToBNF object
var bnf = grammarToBNF.convert(grammar);

BNF Syntax

The supported BNF subset when reading is the following:

- definition
- concatenation
- termination
- alternation
- option
    [ ... ]
- repetition
    { ... } => 0..N
    expression* => 0..N
    expression+ => 1..N
    <digits> * expression => <digits>...<digits>
    <digits> * [expression] => <0>...<digits>
    <digits> * expression? => <0>...<digits>
- grouping
    ( ... )
- literal
    " ... " or ' ... '
- special characters
    (? ... ?)
- comments
    (* ... *)

When getting the BNF syntax from the grammar model, it is possible to tweak the kind of BNF to get by changing some options on the converter.


This library is provided under the ASL, version 2.0 or later.


npm install


npm run compile


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