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sails-hook-grunt v4.0.1

The Grunt hook from Sails core in v1.0 and up.


Implements support for the built-in asset pipeline and task runner in Sails.

This is a core hook in the Sails.js framework. You can override or disable it using your .sailsrc file or environment variables. See Concepts > Configuration for more information.


In order for this hook to load, the following other hooks must have already finished loading:



If this hook is disabled, in order for Sails to load, the following other core hooks must also be disabled:



This hook's responsibilities are:

Run a Grunt tasklist when Sails is loaded

When Sails is loaded, this hook spins up a Grunt child process and runs the conventional tasklist. The tasklist to run depends on the environment (sails.config.environment).

This hook will first look for a file in tasks/register/ that corresponds with the environment name (e.g. if your environment is set to 'staging', then Sails will look for a tasklist file named staging.js). If no such tasklist file is found, but environment is production, then the prod tasklist is used (a special case for compatibility). Otherwise, the default Grunt tasklist is used.

Parse and log output

This hook's runTask method binds events to the child process output streams, through which it receives stdout and stderr output from the Grunt child processes and uses several different heuristics to parse it and display at the appropriate log level.

Track Grunt child process for cleanup when Sails shuts itself down

To prevent proc leaks, Sails keeps track of the Grunt child process on sails.childProcesses.

Implicit defaults

This hook sets the following implicit default configuration on sails.config:




Emitted when the Grunt hook has been automatically loaded by Sails core, and triggered the callback in its initialize function.


Emitted when the Grunt child process exits with a normal status code. (in development, this will not fire until the app is lowered, since grunt-contrib-watch keeps the child process active)

This event is experimental. It is very possible that it will change in a future release.


Emitted when the Grunt child process exits with a non-zero status code.

This event is experimental. It is very possible that it will change in a future release.



Fork a Grunt child process that runs the specified task.



  • sails.hooks.grunt.runTask(taskName, cb);
1taskName((string))The name of the Grunt task(list) to run.
2cb((function))Optional. Fires when the Grunt task has been started (non-production) or finished (production).
API: Private
  • Please do not use this method in userland (i.e. in your app or even in a custom hook or other type of Sails plugin).
  • Because it is a private API of a core hook, if you use this method in your code it may stop working or change without warning, at any time.
  • If you would like to see a version of this method made public and its API stabilized, please open a proposal.

(internally in core, note that this is called directly by sails www in the CLI--see bin/sails-www.js)


What is this?

This repo contains a hook, one of the building blocks Sails is made out of.

What version of Sails is this for?

This hook is a dependency of Sails core in Sails v1, and beyond.

Can I disable this hook?

Yes. To disable this hook, merge the following JSON into your app's .sailsrc file:

  "hooks": {
    "grunt": false

Can I override this hook to use a different asset pipeline like Gulp or Webpack?

Yes. To override this hook, define your replacement hook under your app's api/hooks/ directory. Or, to share your override with the world, publish it on NPM (e.g. @mynpmusername/sails-hook-grunt or sails-hook-webpack). Just be sure to include the following in your package.json:

"sails": {
  "isHook": true,
  "hookName": "grunt"

See the package.json file in this repo for reference.

For more information on overriding core hooks, check out Extending Sails > Hooks.


If you have further questions or are having trouble, click here.

Bugs   NPM version

To report a bug, click here.


Please observe the guidelines and conventions laid out in the Sails project contribution guide when opening issues or submitting pull requests.



The Sails framework is free and open-source under the MIT License.

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