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var sassFlexbox = require("sass-flexbox")

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sass-flexbox v2.0.0

Manage Flexbox in Sass easily.

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Manage Flexbox in Sass easily.


npm install sass-flexbox --save 

# or 

bower install zessx-sass-flexbox
@import 'whatever/path/to/modules/sass-flexbox'


SassFlexbox comes with a bunch of placeholders and mixins to help you use Flexbox without worrying about vendor prefixes. Whenever possible, extend placeholders are provided to allow you to not create so much duplicated code. Since they don't always work though (sass doesn't allow @extend in @media queries), there are also mixins available for all the shorthands.

Since some flexbox values are set with numbers or other measurements, there aren't useful predefined values for them, so there aren't any extend placeholders defined.


  • @mixin display-flex
  • @mixin display-inline-flex
  • %display-flex
  • %display-inline-flex

Flex direction

  • @mixin flex-direction($direction: row)

  • @mixin flex-direction-row

  • @mixin flex-direction-row-reverse

  • @mixin flex-direction-column

  • @mixin flex-direction-column-reverse

  • @mixin flex-direction-inherit

  • %flex-direction-row

  • %flex-direction-row-reverse

  • %flex-direction-column

  • %flex-direction-column-reverse

  • %flex-direction-inherit

Flex wrap

  • @mixin flex-wrap($wrap: nowrap)

  • @mixin flex-wrap-nowrap

  • @mixin flex-wrap-wrap

  • @mixin flex-wrap-wrap-reverse

  • @mixin flex-wrap-inherit

  • %flex-wrap-nowrap

  • %flex-wrap-wrap

  • %flex-wrap-wrap-reverse

  • %flex-wrap-inherit


  • @mixin order($order: 0)

Flex flow

  • @mixin flex-flow($direction: row, $wrap: nowrap)

Flex grow

  • @mixin flex-grow($grow: 0)

Flex shrink

  • @mixin flex-shrink($shrink: 1)

Flex basis

  • @mixin flex-basis($basis: auto)


  • @mixin flex($grow: 0, $shrink: 1, $basis: auto)

Justify content

  • @mixin justify-content($justify: flex-start)

  • @mixin justify-content-flex-start

  • @mixin justify-content-flex-end

  • @mixin justify-content-center

  • @mixin justify-content-space-between

  • @mixin justify-content-space-around

  • @mixin justify-content-inherit

  • %justify-content-flex-start

  • %justify-content-flex-end

  • %justify-content-center

  • %justify-content-space-between

  • %justify-content-space-around

  • %justify-content-space-evenly

  • %justify-content-inherit

Align items

  • @mixin align-items($align: stretch)

  • @mixin align-items-flex-start

  • @mixin align-items-flex-end

  • @mixin align-items-center

  • @mixin align-items-baseline

  • @mixin align-items-stretch

  • @mixin align-items-inherit

  • %align-items-flex-start

  • %align-items-flex-end

  • %align-items-center

  • %align-items-baseline

  • %align-items-stretch

  • %align-items-inherit

Align self

  • @mixin align-self($align: auto)

  • @mixin align-self-auto

  • @mixin align-self-flex-start

  • @mixin align-self-flex-end

  • @mixin align-self-center

  • @mixin align-self-baseline

  • @mixin align-self-stretch

  • @mixin align-self-inherit

  • %align-self-auto

  • %align-self-flex-start

  • %align-self-flex-end

  • %align-self-center

  • %align-self-baseline

  • %align-self-stretch

  • %align-self-inherit

Align content

  • @mixin align-content($align: stretch)

  • @mixin align-content-flex-start

  • @mixin align-content-flex-end

  • @mixin align-content-center

  • @mixin align-content-space-between

  • @mixin align-content-space-around

  • @mixin align-content-stretch

  • @mixin align-content-inherit

  • %align-content-flex-start

  • %align-content-flex-end

  • %align-content-center

  • %align-content-space-between

  • %align-content-space-around

  • %align-content-space-evenly

  • %align-content-stretch

  • %align-content-inherit

Developing Locally

This package includes options to compile local sass files to spot check them, or to run tests with sassaby.

First run npm install to download dev dependencies.

To quickly spot-check anything you add or change, run npm run output-dev. It will compile the ./dev/_dev.sass file to ./dev/output.css.

To run tests, run npm test. Tests are written in ./test/index.js.


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