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var sbwebDragband = require("sbweb-dragband")

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sbweb-dragband v0.2.6

UI library to create a draggable list bar. Reponsive, scrollable, swipeable


UI library to create a draggable list bar

  • Native javascript
  • Responsive
  • Supports swiping


// create a dragBar with itemindex 11 selected by default
var myDragBand = dragBand.init(
    document.querySelector('#myul'), 11, {
        leftScroller : document.getElementById('left-scroll-button'),
        rightscroller : document.getElementById('right-scroll-button'),
        scrollstep : 50,
        elasticWidth : 100,
        hideScrollerMargin : 20

// select no item

// select item with index 2

// create object with default options and no scrollbuttons
var simpleDragBand = dragBand.init(document.querySelector('#simple'));


Configure the third parameter of init method as an object with the following properties:

leftScrollerObjectelement representing left scrollbuttonnull
rightscrollerObjectelement representing right scrollbuttonnull
scrollstepnumberpx to scroll when using wheel/scrollbutton50
elasticWidthnumberelasticity beyond left/right edges in px100
hideScrollerMarginnumberhidden buttons when with margin from edge20


Check for an example.

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