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var scryptsy = require("scryptsy")

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scryptsy v2.0.0

Pure JavaScript implementation of the scrypt key deriviation function that is fully compatible with Node.js and the browser.


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scryptsy is a pure Javascript implementation of the scrypt key derivation function that is fully compatible with Node.js and the browser (via Browserify).


Scrypt is an integral part of many crypto currencies. It's a part of the BIP38 standard for encrypting private Bitcoin keys. It also serves as the proof-of-work system for many crypto currencies, most notably: Litecoin and Dogecoin.


npm install --save scryptsy


var scrypt = require('scryptsy')

var key = "pleaseletmein"
var salt = "SodiumChloride"
var data = scrypt(key, salt, 16384, 8, 1, 64)
// => 7023bdcb3afd7348461c06cd81fd38ebfda8fbba904f8e3ea9b543f6545da1f2d5432955613f0fcf62d49705242a9af9e61e85dc0d651e40dfcf017b45575887


scrypt(key, salt, N, r, p, keyLenBytes, [progressCallback])

  • key: The key. Either Buffer or string.
  • salt: The salt. Either Buffer or string.
  • N: The number of iterations. number (integer)
  • r: Memory factor. number (integer)
  • p: Parallelization factor. number (integer)
  • keyLenBytes: The number of bytes to return. number (integer)
  • progressCallback: Call callback on every 1000 ops. Passes in {current, total, percent} as first parameter to progressCallback().

Returns Buffer.





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