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seatgeek-cli v0.0.4

SeatGeek Command Line Tool

SeatGeek Command Line Interface

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As a sucker for a good cheap deal, I ♥️ SeatGeek.

Unfortunately, the SeatGeek API doesn't currently release deal score data about events. The only information they release is a lowest_price_good_deals field on the event response object (and this field is not even documented in their official documentation).

What this command line tool does is

  1. Return the top fifty events (filtered on city, state, etc.) ordered by their popularity.
  2. Then sorts these events by their lowest_price_good_deals field, from lowest to highest.

The idea is that this result set, while not perfect, should return the most popular events with the best deals.

Popularity acts as a proxy for quality and low prices for good deals act as an indicator for low prices for great deals (I know, I know, not always true).

One final note: I make no guarantees about performance and reliability. If you see problems, feel free to create an issue, and I will do my best to address these issues as they come in.


  • npm install seatgeek-cli

Command Line Usage

  • sg (Required Command line Argument)
  • City (Optional)
    • Arg: -c or --city
    • Takes a string representing a city name to filter on
  • State (Optional)
  • Type (Optional)
  • Datetime (Optional)
    • Arg: -d or --datetime
    • Defaults to filter on events starting in the next 3 months.
    • Takes a string representing a UTC datetime in the ISO-8601 datetime format (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS).




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