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var secretstorePrivateJs = require("secretstore-private-js")

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secretstore-private-js v0.0.2

Node package for Parity's Secret Store and Private Transaction JSON-RPC API calls and sessions


Node package for Parity's Secret Store and Private Transaction API calls and sessions. Originally made for the Energy Web Foundation.


To make your life simple when you want to work with these features.

What can I find here

The abstraction of..

Basic documentation

Can I see examples?

Yes, you can find doing the Parity tutorials with this package in my other repo


#clone the repo
npm install -D

Run tests

Place the secret store enabled Parity client in the root of the project directory. For the secret store feature he parity client needs to be compiled from source with some extra flags.

git clone
cd parity
cargo build --features secretstore --release


  1. npm run start launches a cluster of 3 configured Secret Store nodes which you can find in nodes_ss_dev/. The nodes also have their respective chain db and log files here.
  2. npm test
  3. npm run stop to stop the nodes when you are done

You can wipe the local chan db and secret store db with npm run clear if needed. It might be the case that you need to send some funds for the test accounts. You can use the fund script for this purpose.

./ address1 address2 address3 ..


Please feel free to open issues/pull requests with improvements.

Resources used

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