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serverless-termination-protection v1.0.0

Serverless Termination Protection Plugin

Created by Ryan Jones from Serverless Guru. Copyright Serverless Guru, LLC 2019. Released under the MIT license.

Overview and purpose

This plugin allows you to add AWS Cloudformation termination protection to your Serverless Framework stacks (serverless.yml).

Currently, the only way to enable termination protection is manually through the AWS Console or through the AWS CLI. This solution will allow you to skip doing either of those things.

This plugin fits directly into your existing Serverless Framework projects and it can also take arguments! The current arguments are profile and stages. Let's discuss these in more detail, below.


To install with npm, run this in your service directory:

npm install --save-dev serverless-termination-protection

To install with yarn, run this in your service directory:

yarn add serverless-termination-protection

Then add this to your serverless.yml:

 - serverless-termination-protection


The default is to add termination protection to every deployment when you install the plugin.

For more complex use cases, add an serverlessTerminationProtection section like this in your serverless.yml:

      - prod
      - dev

The stages property represents the specific stages you want the termination protection to apply too. Let's look at some examples.


First off, let's assume you want all deployments to have termination protection the terminal command will look like this:

sls deploy -v

And your serverless.yml will only need this:

  - serverless-termination-protection

For more complex use cases, let's assume we want to only apply termination protection to specific stages. The terminal command will look like this:

sls deploy --stage prod -v

And your serverless.yml will only need this:

service: ...

  name: aws
  profile: ${opt:profile, "default"}
  region: ${opt:region, "us-west-2"}
  stage: ${opt:stage, "dev"}

  - serverless-termination-protection

      - prod
      - alpha


As you can see we have the stages option as an array of string values. Where prod and alpha are the stages to add termination protection too.

Let's imagine we deployed to dev with this terminal command:

sls deploy --stage dev -v

The plugin will compare the stage you passed dev with the stages you listed under serverlessTerminationProtection in your serverless.yml.

The hook that is being used for the serverless-termination-plugin is after:deploy:finalize. Which means that after the Serverless Framework finishes deploying your service the serverless-termination-plugin will then add termination protection to your stack if it meets the conditions you specified.

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