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var settlesdk = require("settlesdk")

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settlesdk v1.2.0

Settle SDK

The Settle SDK abstracts using the price feed and settle API by wrapping authentication in a function.


Support channel

npm install settlesdk

How it works

Instead of authenticating and running requests yourself, use the settle object to run api functions.

For example

const Settle = require('settlesdk')
Settle.PriceFeed.Ticker({token: 'Bitcoin'})


Important - Authentication

You need to register an app in settle in order to use the API. Head over to and join our developer program.

Alt text

Set an app name and grab the automatically generated API keys. Update your .env file in your projects root so that SETTLE_API_KEY and SETTLE_API_SECRET reflect your keys. If your app doesn't use environment variables yet, you will need to setup a loader like dotenv.


You can now access the Settle SDK!

Testing user specific endpoints

You can access the price feed API, but to access a users portfolio they need to install your app and opt into providing their data to you.

In your developer tools,, select "portfolio" in data access permissions and click the install button to try opting into your app before it's available in the app store.

API reference

User specific apps

When your app or chat plugin is loaded inside of settle, we will pass a user_id get param (?user_id) along with the app mode (?mode).

Exchange token for a user id



Return ticker information about Bitcoin

Settle.PriceFeed.Ticker({id: '1'})

Convert a GUID to a username

Settle.User.GuidToUsername({guid: guid})

Send an custom hub event

Settle.Chat.sendEvent({ chatId, message })

Send a notification to a user

Settle.App.SendNotification({guid: guid})

Return a users holdings with a list of trades for each asset

Settle.Portfolio.HoldingsWithTrades({ user_id })

Return a list of users who installed my app


Send an event message to 1v1 chat or chat hub

Settle.Chat.sendEvent({ chatId, message })

Returns hub details

Settle.Chat.hubDetails({ chatLink })


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