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showdown-kanji v1.0.1

Showdown markdown extension for writing Japanese kanji and furigana using HTML5 <ruby> tags


This extension is intended to provide helpers for the showdown JS markdown plugin, kanji characters, and the Japanese language in general.

Right now, it's only feature is allowing an easy to add furigana to kanji characters using HTML5 <ruby> tags - however more features may be added in the future.


  1. Get the Showdown package (you'll need to install this package separately).

  2. Install this package via:

npm install --save showdown-kanji-helpers
  1. Add the extension to your showdown converer, ex:
var Showdown = require("Showdown");
var kanjiExtension = require("showdown-kanji-helpers");

var markDown = "{私}(わたし)はジョーと{申}(もう)します";
var converter = new Showdown.Converter({ extensions: [kanjiExtension] });
var html = converter.makeHtml(markDown);

console.log(html) #=> <p><ruby>私<rt>わたし</rt></ruby>はジョーと<ruby>申<rt>もう</rt></ruby>します</p>


Adding furigana to your kanji characters is quite easy using this plugin (although this does not work consistently well on older browsers - please check this table for <ruby> tag support first).

Take a look at these examples to understand how it works:

#=> <p><ruby>漢字<rt>かんじ</rt></ruby></p>
#=> <p><ruby>漢<rt>かん</rt>字<rt>じ</rt></ruby></p>
#=> <p><strong>これは</strong>ジョーの<ruby>記<rt>き</rt>事<rt>じ</rt></ruby>です</p>


  • add rp tag support


This packaged is licensed under the BEER-WARE LICENSE

Joe Ellis wrote this file.  As long as you retain this notice you
can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think
this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return.
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