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var siPrefix = require("si-prefix")

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si-prefix v0.2.0

SI and IEC compatible numeric formatter

SI Prefix

Module for converting SI base units into human readable form. It can also be easily extended to create other units.

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$ npm install si-prefix


Basic Formatting

var si = require('si-prefix');

var millimetres = si.metre.format(0.035, ' '),          //=> '35 mm'
    nanograms = si.kilogram.suffix(0.00000000094, ' '), //=> 'ng'
    kibibytes = si.byte.convert(2048),                  //=> [ 2, 'KiB' ]
    kilobytes = si.byte.decimal.convert(2048);          //=> [ 2.048, 'kB' ]

Units available by default are:

  • the seven SI base units
    • metre
    • kilogram - note that the base unit for mass is a kilogram, NOT a gram
    • second
    • ampere
    • kelvin
    • mole
    • candela
  • some SI derived units
    • litre
  • a few others
    • byte - using IEC binary prefixes
    • byte.decimal - using SI prefixes
    • meter - alias of metre
    • liter - alias of litre

Custom Units

var si = require('si-prefix');

// scale with hecto and deca prefixes
var scale = new si.Scale({minor: true}),
    unit = new si.Unit(scale, 'm');

var centimetres = unit.format(0.03, ' '); //=> '3 cm'

Other ways you can customise units include changing the prefixes, removing some exponents, altering the logarithm base and shifting prefixes up or down. You can see examples of this in where Scale.Binary and Scale.Mass are defined.


  • Separate flags for hecto, deca, deci and centi
  • Option to switch between mc and µ for micro prefix
  • Other stuff? File issues if you got 'em!


Why is it called si-prefix when it deals with suffixes?




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