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var simplifiedHystrixjs = require("simplified-hystrixjs")

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simplified-hystrixjs v1.0.16

Netflix's Hystrix latency and fault tolerance library, for Node.js

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A simplified hystrixjs library for Nodejs based on opossum


$ npm i simplified-hystrixjs -S


const { createHystrixCommands, createHystrixStream, getPrometheusStream } = require('simplified-hystrixjs');

function hello(name) {
  return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
    setTimeout(function () {
      resolve(`Hello, ${name}`)
    }, 1000);

const serviceCommand = createHystrixCommands(hello, { name : 'HelloService'});

app.get('/hello', async (req, res) => {
  try {
    const response = await serviceCommand.hello(;
  } catch (e) {


createCommands(fn, service);

fn - can be of type object, Array of functions or a function.

service - service object with the following properties

  • statisticalWindowNumberOfBuckets - number of buckets within the statistical window
  • statisticalWindowLength - length of the window to keep track of execution counts metrics (success, failure)
  • errorThreshold - error percentage threshold to trip the circuit
  • timeout for request
  • cbRequestVolume - minimum number of requests in a rolling window
  • cbsleep - how long the circuit breaker should stay opened.
  • name - service name
  • isFailure - emitted when the breaker action fails, called with the error
  • modifyError - modifies the error message by adding circuit name. false by default.


Expose a monitoring endpoint for hystrix stream.

createHystrixStream(app, /*[endpoint]*/); // default /manage/

Prometheus stream.


Hystrix Dashboard


to run the dashboard, download standalone-hystrix-dashboard ̨ and run

$ java -jar standalone-hystrix-dashboard-{VERSION}-all.jar

Access the dashboard in your browser: http://localhost:7979/hystrix-dashboard


We gladly welcome pull requests and code contributions, take care to maintain the existing coding style.

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