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var singleMarketRobotSimulatorSavezip = require("single-market-robot-simulator-savezip")

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single-market-robot-simulator-savezip v2.0.0

saves config and logs of an array of simulations as a .zip file


Saves the configuration and logs of an array of single-market-robot-simulator Simulations, in a zip file using jszip and filesaver.js-npm.

Used by robot-trading-webapp

Useful only on the browser.

On a node.js server, single-market-robot-simulator automatically saves multiple csv files without this module.


npm i single-market-robot-simulator-savezip -S


This module exports a single function,

 const saveZip = require('single-market-robot-simulator-savezip');


 saveZip({Array of single-market-robot-simulator.Simulation} sims, callback)


callback(blob), where blob is a representation of zipped folder data for the simulations,

or without a callback, returns nothing, and asynchronously exports a .zip file from browser-memory, particularly an array of multiple single-market-robot-simulator,Simulations is exported as a .zip file containing a directory for each Simulation, with files for the Simulatin config.json and data logs in .csv format.

Example (from robot-trading-webapp: main.js)

 const saveZip    = require('single-market-robot-simulator-savezip');
 app.downloadData = function(){
     }, 60*1000);


2016 Paul Brewer Economic and Financial Technology Consulting LLC


MIT License

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