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var sleepjs = require("sleepjs")

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sleepjs v3.0.1

Asynchronous sleep with better time functions


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Asynchronus sleep functions for Node.js.


Install sleepjs with npm:

npm install sleepjs

Or with yarn:

yarn add sleepjs


The default function sleeps for a time given in milliseconds. But also different sleep functions can be required.

Async / Await

The sleep timer can be awaited with async / await.

const sleep = require('sleepjs')

async function myFunction () {
  await sleep(500)'500 ms later')



The Promise returns the value of slept milliseconds when it resolves.

const sleepMinutes = require('sleepjs').sleepMinutes

function myFunction () {
  return sleepMinutes(5)
    .then(time => {`${time} ms later`)})

myFunction() // Will print: '300000 ms later'


Different sleep instances can be run and awaited concurrently with Promise.all.

const sleep = require('sleepjs')

async function myFunction () {
  await Promise.all([sleep(100), sleep(100), sleep(200)])

myFunction() // Will take only slightly more than 200 ms


Sleepjs includes several functions to wrap common sleep times:

const sleep = require('sleepjs').sleep
const sleepMilliseconds = require('sleepjs').sleepMilliseconds
const sleepSeconds = require('sleepjs').sleepSeconds
const sleepMinutes = require('sleepjs').sleepMinutes
const sleepHours = require('sleepjs').sleepHours
const sleepDays = require('sleepjs').sleepDays
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