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var sm4js = require("sm4js")

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sm4js v0.0.6

An implementation of the browser and nodejs-server side of the sm4 algorithm


An implementation of the browser and server side of the sm4 algorithm


With npm do:

npm install sm4js 

For use in web browsers do:

<script src="base64-js.min.js"></script>
<script src="sm4js.min.js"></script>


sm4js has four configuration parameters, key, mode,cipherType and iv.

  • key -encrypt/decypt main key;A string of length 12;
  • mode -optional; can be 'cbc' or 'ecb';default ecb;
  • iv -optional; when use cbc mode, it's necessary;default is null;
  • cipherType - optional; this is the cipher data's type; Can be 'base64' or 'text';default is base64;


sm4js has tow exposed functions, encrypt and decrypt, which both take a single argument.

  • encrypt:Takes a json string and returns a base64 string;
  • decrypt:Takes a base64 string and returns a json string;


This plugin is native to ie10+ and you should add polyfill if you want to be compatible with ie9; like this:

<script src="typearray.js"></script>
<script src="base64-js.min.js"></script>
<script src="sm4js.min.js"></script>


import Sm4js from 'sm4js'; //esmodule
const Sm4js = require('sm4js');//commonjs
var sm4Config = {
    key: 'JeF8U9wHFOMfs2Y8',
    mode: 'ecb', 
    iv: 'UISwD9fW6cFh9SNS', 
    cipherType: 'base64' 
var sm4 = new Sm4js(sm4Config);
var plaintext = '{"records":[["31","129501868966","1","80.00","6","激进型","20191226","20211225","1","自然人客户风险承受能力问卷","01235","1","3.0","20200623","","-1"]],"columns":["SURVEY_SN","USER_CODE","USER_ROLE","SURVEY_SCORE","RATING_LVL","RATING_LVL_NAME","RATING_DATE","EXP_DATE","SURVEY_CLS","SURVEY_NAME","SURVEY_SYN","ORDINAL","VERSION","NEXT_RATING_DATE","REMARK","SURVEY_USABLE_NUM"]}'
var ciphertext = sm4.encrypt(plaintext);
var plaintext1 = sm4.decrypt(ciphertext);




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