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var smtpLocawebNodejs = require("smtp-locaweb-nodejs")

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smtp-locaweb-nodejs v1.0.1

NPM library to make usage of Locaweb transactional email service API with NodeJS

SMTP Locaweb NodeJS

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This is a NPM library to make usage of Locaweb transactional email service API with NodeJS.

WARNING: if you wish to send email using the SMTP protocol, instead of the REST API, use a SMTP library such as Nodemailer to send your messages.

Instalation and Configuration

Install it as usual, with NPM package manager by typing:

npm i smtp-locaweb-nodejs

After that, you must create a .env file on the root folder of your application with your account's API token, just like show below:


No spaces are allowed. The token can be found by accessing the product's dashboard.


Later, just require the package on your application:

var locaweb = require('smtp-locaweb-nodejs');

You can create a new email object involking the Email constructor and using the following methods to populate it:

var email = new locaweb.Email();

email.addSubject('Email title!!!');
email.addBody('A cool and useful content.');
email.addHeaders({x-source: api});


Another possible way is passing an object to the constructor. The advantage to this strategy is that you can pass multiples recipients, CCs, BCCs in an array:

message = {
    to: ['', '', ''],
    subject: 'Email title!!!',
    from: '',
    body: 'A cool and useful content.',
    cc: ['']

var email = new locaweb.Email(message);


Only the first 4 attributes are mandatory, the others are all optional. For more in-depth information, see the official documentation at

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