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soccer-go v0.5.3

Soccer CLI for stats and results.


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soccer-go is a node command line application to gather soccer stats and results. Heavily inspired by nba-go.

The app is still in its early stages of development, so do expect bugs and errors. All contributions are very welcome!



You can install soccer-go with npm or yarn:

$ npm i -g soccer-go
$ yarn global add soccer-go

And then set the API key

$ export SOCCER_GO_API_KEY=<your api key>


soccer-go can be launched globally by typing soccer-go or sgo in your terminal. It has two modes: CLI or Visual.


Just launch soccer-go, you will be then prompted for info.


There are 3 main commands:

Each of these commands will take the league code as first argument. Common ones are

  • PL - Premier League
  • PD - Primera Division
  • SA - Serie A
  • BL1 - Bundesliga
  • FL1 - Ligue 1

You can find the complete list in the visual mode or you can take a look here.


$ soccer-go matchday <league>

Example: $ soccer-go matchday SA


League standings

$ soccer-go standings <league>

Example: $ soccer-go standings PL


Team fixtures

$ soccer-go team <league> <team> [options]

  • --fixtures, -f: Print all the games played by the team in the current season
  • --players, -p: Show the current squad


$ soccer-go team PL "manchester united" -f

$ soccer-go team SA juventus -fp


... and more.


If you want to customize or contribute to this package, then running it locally from source is really easy.

$ git clone
$ cd soccer-go
$ npm i

Now you can either run it in watch mode

$ npm start

Or build everything

$ npm run build


  • [ ] Extra-time / penalty
  • [ ] Head2head
  • [ ] Team colors


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