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solhydra v1.0.0

cli tool to run solidity smart contract(s) through several analysis tools and generating a html report


License Version Node Version

Solhydra is a cli tool to run solidity smart contract(s) through several analysis tools and generating a html report.

sample report of cryptokitties-bounty

sample report screenshot


There are a number of smart contract analysis tools which can give you valuable information about your smart contracts. Just installing all these tools on your machine is quite the challenge. If you manage to install all these tools next challenge will be finding out how to execute each of these tools. After execution you are left with a number of files per tool, which you can then open and inspect one-by-one. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a tool which takes care of installing (in Docker containers) and executing all the analysis tools on a given directory with smart contracts + transforming the output of each tool (per smart contract) into 1 HTML report which you can open in the browser so you can easily inspect all output per tool, per smart contract. That's what this tool tries to accomplish 🎆.

Analysis tools included:


  • docker (tested on 17.12.0-ce)


node version >= 8.0.0


npm install -g solhydra

One line sample execution

npx solhydra@1.0.0 --dest-file=~/solhydra-cryptokitties-bounty


  solhydra        cli tool to run solidity smart contract(s) through several analysis
                  tools and generating a html report

  solhydra --contract-dir=dirPath --dest-file=dirPath [--npm-dir=dirPath --ethpm-dir=dirPath] [tool1, tool2, ..]
  solhydra --truffle=dirPath --dest-file=filePath [tool1, tool2, ..]
  solhydra --git=gitUrl --dest-file=filePath [tool1, tool2, ..]

  mythril, oyente, surya, solidity-coverage, solidity-analyzer, solhint, solium

  --contract-dir  path of contracts directory (only when not specifying --truffle)
  --truffle       path of truffle project (only when not specifying --contract-dir)
  --dest-file     path of the file to write the result HTML report to

  --npm-dir       path of the directory with the NPM dependencies
                  only used with --contract-dir
  --ethpm-dir     path of the directory with the EthPM dependencies
                  only used with --contract-dir
  tool            you can optionally specify a subset of tools to run, if you don't
                  specify any tools, all tools will be executed

  solidity-coverage only works on truffle projects, so only when using --truffle,
  it will be skipped automatically for non-truffle runs

  solhydra --contract-dir=./contracts --npm-dir=./node_modules --dest-file=./out
  solhydra --contract-dir=./contracts --ethpm-dir=./installed_contracts --dest-file=./out mythril oyente
  solhydra --truffle=./mytruffleproject --dest-file=./out
  solhydra --truffle=./mytruffleproject --dest-file=./out solidity-coverage solium
  solhydra --dest-file=./out surya mythril

To display help (the above shown excerpt) type: solhydra.


soljitsu flatten

The smart contracts are run through soljitsu flatten, since some analysis tools don't work with node_modules/installed_contracts dependencies. So to keep reports consistent the tools are executed on the flatten version of the smart contracts.

html report

  • the generated HTML report has all it's internal js/css inlined, therefore it can be moved to any folder/machine and still work
  • the generated HTML report fetches some external js/css from a cdn so an internet connection is required


  • [ ] oyente reports usage of an untested z3 + solc + evm, fix this
  • [ ] add slither when it becomes available
  • [ ] add rattle if/when it becomes available (blogpost)
  • [ ] enable maian when issue is resolved
  • [ ] enable echidna with a special option since it requires manually adding tests to solidity files
  • [ ] add manticore as described here
  • [ ] fix highlightjs-solidity highlighting, doesn't seem to work, it uses php highlighting?!



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