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var soundrecorder = require("soundrecorder")

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soundrecorder v0.0.3

A web sound recorder base on h5 api


SoundRecorder is a website sound recorder SDK base on h5 api.

  • Sdk-based Base on some h5 api, such as mediaStream, mediaRecorder, audioContext
  • browser supprot: It just build for PC website record, this sdk is unsupport for h5


SoundRecorder build by umd, you can use it by 2 ways:

  • just append the <script src="/dist/soundRecorder.min.js"></script> tag into the html.
  • or you can import soundrecorder in to your js.


SoundRecorder is very easy to use, You can read the full demo here or read the code

  // 1. instance the SoundRecorder
  var sr = new SoundRecorder() 

  // 2. start

  // 3. stop

  // 4. get the recorded file
  var blob = sr.getBlob()


there the methods of SoundRecorder instance

type: Function
args: options
default: {}
description: start mediaRecorder

type: Function
args: options
default: {}
description: stop mediaRecorder

type: Function
args: options
default: {}
description: get recorded blob, the blob is build by all chunks

on(String, Function)
type: Function
args: options
default: {}
description: add the event listener callback

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